As I sit here and sing, thinking up stupid things

I'm flippin' my wig over you.

Friend of your enemy
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You've gotta have love in your heart
And you've gotta have pain in your life
And you've gotta have some vision and confusion for some peace of mind.
You've gotta respect what you can't control
'Cause you'll never even get to second base
When you're on your ass
'Cause you got brushed back when you crowded the plate.
You've gotta know when you're all fucked up and when you're running a cheap game on yourself
'Cause you're only gonna make life miserable for you and everyone else.
If you wanna get into a zone you're gonna have to take risks on either side
'Cause there's nothing worse than getting called out looking at the third strike
With two outs in the bottom of the ninth.
You've gotta live your life.

Tarot Card
VI. Promised Lovers
Two lovers find solace.
Divinatory Meanings: Strong spirtual and emotional struggles have forced you into a downward spiral of mishap and mistake. To overcome will be difficult, but it is possible. Someone new will pick you up and carry you back to stable ground.
Reversed: Because of your past, you are apt to run into the arms of the first person that wants to get close to you. But don't fool yourself, the real reason for your running is lying deep inside you. The only cure is to rise above.
Element: Earth

Chise is love